Owner Financing Terms

Thank you for taking interest in our owner financing.  We offer up to 12 months of seller financing for most of our claims, requiring only a 25% down payment to start the loan.  Our straight-forward financing lowers the barrier of entry to get into a new claim, and start mining it without having to come out of pocket with the full purchase price amount upfront.

  • Purchase price. Also known as the "cash price" for our listings.  This is the total price to be paid for the claim if paid all at once.  This cash price is the base price for the claims prior to any interest being applied.
  • Down payment. We require a 25% down payment on all financing contracts.  Example: If a claim has a total financed price of $1100, we require $275 down payment to initiate the loan agreement.
  • Loan amount. Subtract the down payment, earnest money and other upfront payments from the purchase price to get your loan amount.
  • Interest rate. We charge a flat 10% interest rate on financed purchases.  Example: If a claim has a $1000 purchase price the interest added will make the financed amount $1100.
  • Loan term and amortization schedule. We offer up to 12 months of financing for our claim purchases, due monthly.  This reoccurring charge is billed to your account automatically as a 'subscription' via our payment gateway, Paypal™.
  • Monthly payment. The total loan amount to be financed, divided by twelve will determine your total monthly payments.
  • Balloon payment details. There is no pre-payment penalties to paying off your loan.  The quicker you get it paid off the quicker you will receive a full deed transfer of the claims mineral rights and mineral interests in your or your companies name.
  • Additional terms: Upon agreeing to our seller-financing terms and making a successful down payment you will receive a Temporary Conveyance of Mineral Rights which will grant you access to the property to start mining.  This is the same as leasing the properties mineral rights until the loan amount has been paid off in full
  • Full mineral rights transfer. After the loan has been paid off the buyer will get a full deed transfer of the mineral rights and claim deed officiating them as the new claimant.
  • Credit check. No credit checks are required.
  • Late fees. No late payment penalties.
  • Non-payment. After 45 days of non-payment the financing contract will be considered 'VOID' and any granted temporary mineral rights will be revoked.  There is no reimbursement to the down payment and so you are encouraged to make your payments on-time for the life of the loan.
  • Tax-free. All loans and financing proceedings are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the great state of Nevada.

We're excited to offer seller financing on most all of our mining and gold claims for sale.   Please email us, or use the form below to send us a message and  inquire about owner financing any of our claims!