"Jaybird" 20.66 Lode Mining Claim

Churchill County, Nevada - Gold Past Producer

The Jaybird mine is a multi-ore, past producing lode mining claim, measuring 20.66 acres, located in Northwest Nevada just over the hill from beautiful Pyramid Lake! Delve in and mine 1000's of feet of shafts and adits together with the old timbers and tile of this early 1940s mine! Make your fortune among the bright sulfides and white tungsten just inside the portal to the beautiful Jaybird mine!

The Jaybird, also known as the Highgrade gold and tungsten mine, shares the Southern range of the Nightingale mining district with the famous Nightingale mine just a short drive North! Bright yellow sulfides lining the tunnels as you go deeper highlight the past hydrothermal activity that occurred long ago, making this the ideal spot to pull precious gold and tungsten straight from the walls.

A decent dirt road exiting the small town of Nixon, NV - just 30 minutes from Reno.  Four-wheel drive is recommended. Amenities can be found in the mining Nixon, which is at Pyramid Lake - also about 30 minutes from the claim.

JAYBIRD  20.66 Acre Lode Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
Size of Claim  20.66 Acres
Commodities  Gold, Tungsten, Molybdenum.
Past Production  Yes.
State, County  Nevada, Churchill
Accessability Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Type Quartz-type, Pyritic/Sulfuric Jungo Terrane
Cell Phone Reception  4GLTE All Networks
Relics  Yes. Tiles, Timbers, Iron

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Discovery Marker GPS Coordinates (WGS84):

39.99656°, -119.22128°

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Claim Photographs

Economic Features
 Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
 Size of Claim  20.66 Acres
 Commodities  Gold, Tungsten, Molybdenum.
Ore Body Information
Contact Zones  0.3-1.5 Meters
Ore Body Type Quartz/Scheelite
Development Underground: 1,000+ Feet
District Name Nightingale
Development Status
Operation Type  Underground Lode
Development Status  Past Producer
MRDS References
Mineral Resource Data System - Deposit ID#10149744  MRDS Report
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  • JAYBIRD 20.66 Acres Lode Mining Claim
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