Introducing a new and timely type of mining property.

It's time to get away.

When it's time to get away.

Do you feel the growing need for a place of your own to retreat to and camp for for awhile if things go south?

There is no denying the world is changing....

  • Mandated vaccines
  • Food shortages
  • Political unrest
  • Economic strife
  • Changing weather

If you're anything like me, you can feel the squeeze.  And if it doesn't let up soon there will be a need to requester... and get away for a while.

Heaven knows there could be a solar-flare induced internet outage or power outage that could last months.

The rioting and looting that occurred in major cities in 2020 taught us anything is possible.  Civil unrest is a real thing and if it comes to a town near you,

Camp, fish, recreate or move some dirt around.

When things go south, living in the major cities isn't where you want to be!

When it's time to hide away from awhile, where will you go?

This claim could be your insurance for when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan!

Bring your family and camp out on land you have claim to.

No more worrying where you'll go if you have to get away for awhile.

Remote, yet close enough to amenities you can easily get everything you want.

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20 Acre Placer Mining Parcel

Map of Claim Boundaries

Certificate of Location

Quit Claim Deed

Topographical Map of Local Resources

Priced at $1224.00