Surprise Mine 20.66 Acre Specs:

    Type of Claim: Lode
    Size of Claim: 20.66 Acres
    Mining Commodity: Gold, Silver
    State/County: Nevada, Gardnerville
    Closest City: Minden, NV (4 Miles)
    Type: Unpatented Mining Claim
    Accessibility: Dirt Road 4-Wheel Drive Recommended
    Camping: Yes. Campsite 50 Yards from the Primary Mine Portal
    Primary Mine Features: 300'+ ft of tunneling
    Past Producer: Yes
    Cell Phone Reception: T-Mobile
    Tailings Pile: Yes. 
    Vein Material Remaining: Substantial Known Quantities
    Vein Size: Ranges from 6"x 6" to 4' x 4' along the heading and ribs of primary drift.
    Number of Shafts/Mines/Portals on Claim: Three. (1) Shaft, (1) Drifts.


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