Gold Bug Mine m is a historic past producer with a number of claim features any prospector will find interesting.  Drive right up to the claim with a 4 wheel drive, and enjoy the amazing mountain top views.

    This 20.66 acre lode mining gold claim is close to Gardnerville, Carson City and Reno NEVADA.  Beautiful mountain views - perfect for collecting ore and doing a little camping and recharge your batteries!

    • Just a few short miles from the major city of Gadnerville, Carson City & Reno
    • Drive right up to the 20.66 acre lode claim
    • Camp on site for a minimum of 10 days at a time!
    • Private and remote location with cell phone service
    • Multiple open pit cuts into ranging in length from 25-150 feet across exposing ore
    • Large piles of tailings, (2) small shafts and various gold-Au ore types on site!
    • Mining relics, can dump, sitting bench and a perfect grove of trees to camp in

    Bring your tractors, or dry-washers and find some placer gold near the surface at the Gold Bug Mine!  Potential for large scale lode production, new gold discoveries.  Priced right to get into gold lode mining, check out what the Gold Bug Mine has to offer!

      Photographs of Claim

      Below you'll see photographs of Gold Bug Mine, and claim boundaries.

      • The total claim area is a beautiful 20.66 acres and includes multiple claim features including a 2 shallow shafts
      • 1000+ tons of tailings piles of various ore types and grades.
      • Zinc, copper, gold, silver all have been found throughout the granite,
      • Quartz and sulfides found at the different strata levels of this claim.
      • Multiple open cuts over 15 feet deep and 30-100 feet wide
      • Old miners camp, can dump, sitting bench, tree grove for camping/shade on top of the hill!

      There are also mining relics on the claim, old cans, timbers, remains of the old mill/site and cabin.  If you choose to the visit the claim you'll also want to take notice of the multiple cuts that did up to 15 feet deep, looking for additional vein material and strata levels.  It's an amazing view of the valley, close to town, fresh water -- with plenty of shade trees and room to work!  There is seasonal water flow in creek on the claim!

      Gold Bug LODE Claim Main Features

      Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Mining Claim.
      Size of Claim 20.66 ACRES (1500x600ft)
      Mining Commodities Lode Mining Gold-Au in Granite
      Accessibility Good dirt roads, 4x4 helpful.
      County, Closest City Douglas County, Gardnerville, Nevada
      Camping Yes. 10 Days at a time.
      Tailings Piles 1000+Tons.
      Cell Phone Reception Yes 4G LTE All Networks.
      Mining Relics Yes, Cans, Old Cabin.


      Commodity Importance
      Gold Primary
      Silver Secondary

      How To Get There:

      The best way to get to the claim is to put the GPS coordinates into your phones Map, or just Google Maps, and follow the turn by turn directions.

      Center of
      Claim GPS:

       38.819270°, -119.528241°

      Economic information

      Economic information about the deposit and operations

      The size of the operation consists of a number of open cuts and shallow shafts exploring the different generalization occurring on the side of Bald Mountain.  Several open cuts measuring 12 feet in depth by 50 feet wide explored valuable minerals.  According to the MRDS write up for Gold Bug Mine, gold has been found throughout the granite and contact zones with the host material.

      Operation type Surface-Underground-Au-Lode
      Development status Past-Producer
      Commodity type Metallic
      Deposit size Small-Medium

      Mining district

      District name Wellington Mining District

      Geologic structures

      Type of structure Local
      Structure description Fractures, Fissures

      Ore body information

      General form TABULAR
      Granite / Quartz 0.55M - 1.0Meters Width

      MRDS References

      Outside resources and references provided by the Mineral Resource Data System.

      GOLD BUG MINE MRDS#10037727

      How to Mine The GOLD BUG Lode

      You can mine this claim year round.  The area just south of Garderville NV doesn't get much snow-fall, and the seasonal creek nearby the claim provides water constantly.  To start mining this claim there 3 methods could be used to start running tonnage, if you want to scale-up beyond hands and pans:

       - Dry-washing or hauling in water is going to be your best option!
       - Metal detector for pickers along the ravine, high banks from dozer cuts
       - Water recirculating sluice/trommel system
       - Haul ore to an off-site mill
       - Contact me for more ideas on how to produce GOLD on the claim

      In my opinion, a dry washer would work wonders for this claim for a number of reasons.  Hauling water is always a pain, and with a gas-powered dry washer you can simply run material without the need of water-heavy sluice units.

      If your interested in purchasing this claim or would like to obtain
      samples or purchase for yourself please email me here.

      20.66 Acre "Gold Bug" Lode Claim Transfer Process

      A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government. Mining claims are a tangible asset and show proof of all interests in minerals in the area. They can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate. A mining claim can be sold, traded, leased, gifted, willed, used as collateral or transferred in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance. Full legal details including resources to the Bureau of Land Management or simply contact us for more details on our quit claim deed process.

      Filing fees included in this price of this auction.All fees and paperwork are up-to-date and good through Sept. 1st 2022.  Buyer will be transferred the exclusive mineral rights to the 40 acre parcel known as the Gold Bug 20.66 acre lode mining claim.  All recording fees are included in the price of this sale. 

      How To Buy & Start Mining Gold

      Contact me below and decide to purchase this claim. We will handle all the transfer paperwork on your behalf with Douglas County as well as the Bureau of Land Management.  A quite claim deed will be followed on the claim, at which point the BLM and the county will send you, the new owner, the stamped versions of the newly filed documents marking you as the new claim owner. You should see the claim belonging to you, and ACTIVE in the LR2000 and county recorders office within 2-3 weeks.  Please allow up to 10 days after the sale for me to notarize and file the quit claim deeds withe the BLM and Douglas County.

      "Gold Bug Mine" 20.66 Lode Gold Claim
      On Sale Now

      To purchase this claim email me for more information and payment details.

      Contact Us Below to To Get Started

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