The Tule Canyon Placers 80 Acre Mining Claim

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Esmeralda County, Nevada - Gold/Silver Past Producer

The Tule Canyon Placers is a multi-ore, past producing placer mining claim, measuring 80 acres, located in Western Nevada, just outside the famous mining ghost town of Gold Point, NV. Riding the Walker Lane, this spot's enhanced permeability means high geothermal activity - rich gold territory!

The claim is perfect for dry-washing! A dry riverbed, with tributaries from deeper within the Canyon, over 3,750+ft long and averaging 16ft deep to bedrock finds itself on the claim; a dry-washer's dream. What's more, the once-flowing river straddled the contact zone between Tule Canyon and Magruder Mountain, where higher pressures below the surface produced the perfect conditions for gold formation. Further upstream, the Los Angeles Rock and Gravel Co. performed extensive work for years which flowed down the dry river bed. You can still find the relics of the Los Angeles Rock and Gravel Co. nearby...

Great Western Mine remains, courtesy of

Directly to the South of the claim, fellow prospectors at Silver Range Resources working in Tule Canyon found grab samples yielding upwards of 37.3g/t of gold in the early Spring of 2023, with the average running 18.5g/t of gold. Further, extremely high levels of silver can be found: highs of 5,090g/t of silver in some spots, with 1,370.8g/t on average. The gold is coarse and is often found in its quartz matrix.

The first recorded production was back in 1871, and came to a screeching halt in 1937 after the Los Angeles Rock and Gravel Co. packed up and left. With the lack of water driving the diggers out, the Canyon hasn't ever been fully worked.

Prospector and his rocker box

No local water present, so this spot of land needs water trucked in to work. If you need a refill, the residents at Gold Point or Goldfield will have what you need.

A decent dirt road exiting the small town of Gold Point, NV will lead you right to the claim. Four-wheel drive is recommended. Amenities can be found in the mining ghost-town of Gold Point, NV just a few miles away or in full service towns nearby like Tonopah and Beatty, NV.

Nearby, you'll find the still-standing history of the One-Eyed Preacher and his immaculate cabin. Taken care of by local residents, stop by and camp under its roof for a night or two!

Tule Canyon Placers 80 Acre Placer Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Claim
Size of Claim  80 Acres
Commodities Gold, Silver, Thorium,
Tungsten, Uranium
Past Production  Yes.
State, County  Nevada, Esmeralda
Accessibility Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Type Quartz-type, Clay Secondary Deposit
Cell Phone Reception  4GLTE All Networks
Relics  Yes. Metals, Historic Cabin

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

GPS to Center of Claim: 37°21'60.0"N 117°32'35.9"W
37.366400°, -117.549967° (WGS84)

Tule Canyon placers high overviewTule Canyon Placers low overview
Tule Canyon Placers old flow mapTule Canyon Placers 3D skewTule Canyon Placers fault map

How to Mine the TULE PLACERS:

There's been quite a bit of successful placer mining activity in Tule Canyon over the years.

 - Dry-washing or hauling in water is going to be your best option!
 - Metal detector for pickers along the ravine, high banks from dozer cuts
 - Water recirculating sluice/trommel system
 - Haul ore to an off-site mill

In my opinion, a dry washer would work wonders for this claim for a number of reasons.  Hauling water is always a pain, and with a gas-powered dry washer you can simply run material without the need of water-heavy sluice units.

There's been thousands of ounces of gold recovered from TULE CANYON and new deposits form in the canyon every year!

You'll run a good amount of material if you fire up your new dry-washer!  New gold deposits form every year with the movement of water and melt off.

Economic Features
 Type of Claim: Unpatented Placer Claim
 Size of Claim:  80 Acres
 Valuable Commodities:  Gold, Silver, Thorium, Uranium
Ore Body Information
Area:  Upper 4 Miles of Tule Canyon
Ore Body Type: Gravel
Large Development: Ceased in 1936
District Name: Tule Canyon
Known Ores
Useful: Columbite, fluorite, monazite, rutile, uranium, zircon
Rare Earth: Euxenite, Xenotime
MRDS References
Tule Canyon Placers  MRDS Report

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Purchasing Tule Canyon Placers

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TULE CANYON: Plot One (#1)


The leftmost tail of the Canyon, Plot #1 captures some of the major water action going through the territory, but also captures two of the minor tributaries, an often overlooked aspect.


NE: 37.367743°, -117.548977°
NW: 37.367699°, -117.553535°
SE: 37.365935°, -117.549002°
SW: 37.365871°, -117.553555°

KMZ: Tule Canyon Placers Plot #1

ON SALE NOW: $2,999


TULE CANYON: Plot Two (#2)


Plot #2 captures a large portion of the main water thoroughfare and gives hundreds of feet of old riverbed access, with a road leading straight to the claim.


NE: 37.367791°, -117.544419°
NW: 37.367743°, -117.548977°
SE: 37.365999°, -117.544440°
SW: 37.365935°, -117.549002°

KMZ: Tule Canyon Placers Plot #2

ON SALE NOW: $2,999


TULE CANYON: Plot Three (#3)


Plot #3 captures a large portion of the old riverbed and the entry into the large dry river basin. The plot features hundreds of workable footage along the riverbed and easy access from the road.


NE: 37.367857°, -117.539862°
NW: 37.367791°, -117.544419°
SE: 37.366065°, -117.539881°
SW: 37.365999°, -117.544440°

KMZ: Tule Canyon Placers Plot #3

ON SALE NOW: $2,999


TULE CANYON: Plot Four (#4)


Plot #4 captures a portion of the large dry river basin that the gold-laced river waters flowed into and began to settle in slower currents! Plot #4 features workable acreage on both sides of the access road.


NE: 37.367906°, -117.535300°
NW: 37.367857°, -117.539862°
SE: 37.366131°, -117.535329°
SW: 37.366065°, -117.539881°

KMZ: Tule Canyon Placers Plot #4

ON SALE NOW: $2,999



Obtain PLOTS ONE through FOUR (#1-#4) of the TULE CANYON PLACERS

The whole claim, The Tule Canyon Placers, Plots #1, #2, #3, and #4!
Thousands of feet of riverbed acreage dumping out into an old river basin make finding the gold on this claim site easy with a little water and elbow grease!


NE: 37.367906°, -117.535300°
NW: 37.367699°, -117.553535°

KMZ: Tule Canyon Placers, All
SE: 37.366131°, -117.535329°
SW: 37.365871°, -117.553555°


Cash Price

Cash Price

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Email based support for claim maintenance and questions

Name of Claim(s) Acres Cash Price Financed Price (+10% Interest) Down Payment Required (25%) 12 Monthly Payments
Tule Canyon Placers 80 $9997 $10996 $2749 $687

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  • We handle all the filing and transfer services on your  behalf.  Expect to get official stamped/recorded copies of your paperwork mailed to you from the Esmeralda County Recorders Office and the Bureau of Land Management officiating you as the new claimant within 10 days of purchase.

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