Mill City Mine

GPS: 40.848530, -118.100342

Location: 034N 034E S01 NWSE

Shale, sandstone, quartz intrusions throughout a well disseminated deposit spanning throughout the entire 20 acre claim. Quartz is everywhere you look on this claim, dozens of piles of mixed grades of bull and mineralized quartz.

There are 5-6 audits on the claim, several hundred feet of underground workings, 4 shafts, 2 having been caved in.  Dozens of trench cuts prove-out the presence of multiple quartz veins and lens ranging from several inches to several feet in thickness.

No MRDS write up on this mine, which has extensive workings.  Good roads lead out to this claim and you can drive right up to the several portals.  A few mining relics can be found in the drifts, as well on the surface including an old hoist.