Nevada Industrial 40 Acre Placer Gold Claim for Sale, Reno NV.

    Proven Past Gold Producer - Peavine Mining District
    Over 1500FT. of Ravine Frontage!

    Nevada Industrial Placer Gold Claim

    Nevada Industrial Gold Placer Specs:

    Size of Claim: 40 Acres
    Type: Unpatented Placer Mining Claim
    State/County: Nevada, 2 miles NW of Reno.  Washoe County.
    Discovery Monument: 39°35'44.07"N, 119°52'12.62"W
    Mining Commodity: 
    Past Producer: Yes.

    Closest Cities: Reno (2 miles), Sparks (6 miles), Carson City (31 miles)
    Accessibility: Multiple well maintained dirt roads lead to claim, 2-wheel drive accessible.
    Camping: Yes. This is on BLM land, and a wonderful level camp site exists on the claim with multiple trees for shade. 
    Food/Amenities:  3-4 miles away, city of Reno, NV.  Gas, food, lodging, hotels and casinos.  "Biggest Little City in the World" just a stones throw from the claim.
    Cell Phone Reception: Yes. 4G LTE all networks.

    Primary Claim Features: Several hundred meters of gold deposits exist on site verified through sampling and BLM records
    Mining Relics: Yes, including stone cabin/mill site.
    Tailings Pile: Yes.  Multiple headings/tailings piles exist on the claim.  Estimated a few hundred tons from the 1880's era and 2-3 more recent, from the 1980s.
    Unmined Area: Substantial known quantities.  "The bottom 20" acres as I call it is virgin ground.
    Comments about Workings: See below.

        The Nevada Industrial Gold Placer is a gold placer deposit with historic significance, first discovered in the 1870’s, just outside of modern day Reno, NV.  Using primitive tools and man power available at the time, evidence of a stone cabin/mill site shows the material was processed on site, just outside of the historic mining town of Peavine in the hills behind the claim.

        History of Peavine Mining District

        Additional historic mines close by include Golden Fleece Mine, Peavine Peak Mine, Nevada Central Mine, The Marshal Group Silver/Lead Mine, Fravel Mine and the Paymaster group of mines, which have over a mile of underground workings is just 1.5 miles away from the Nevada Industrial claims.

        The Nevada Industrial claim is located in the Peavine Mining District, also known as Poeville until 1863, is the site of a historical mining town, established in 1864.  John Poe, allegedly related to Edgar Allen Poe, discovered rich gold and silver veins in 1862 on the slopes of Peavine Mountain.  After the discovery of ore, Poe announced that the veins comprised the next Comstock Lode, he presented extract ore at the state fair of 1864 as rich in content.  As a result, the former mining camp, called Poe City, grew to 200 people by 1864.  Ore production in the mining district and population peaked around 1873-1974 with several hundred people living in town, supported by three hotels and a post office.  The post office, named “Poeville”, operated between 1874 and 1878.

        Accessing Nevada Industrial Placer Claim

        Obviously this claim is easy to access by truck, tractor, bob-cat and backhoe makes it ideal for literally industrial scale mining.  Not all placer claims are so accessible, and just miles away from a major city.  That means instead of having to drive equipment hundreds of miles into the mountains and contend with snow/ice/bad roads - this 40 acre gold claim is 100% accessible by all equipment sizes.

        It's just a few miles from the highway US-395, and it's a paved road all up till a mile or so from the claim.  A mile of well maintained 8-10FT wide dirt road that allows for trailers/campers/equipment to easily be towed right to the claim.

        And yes - there is known gold remaining in the deposit.  Probably lots.  The deposit is over 1200FT in length, and over 2FT wide, occurring at multiple depths along the ravine.  The last time it was noted to be worked was in 1980, almost 40 years ago.  And before that, 135 years ago - so there has been decades for new gold deposits to form, in addition to what all the old'timers left behind.

        Keep in mind, back in 1870 when this deposit was first found and worked, there were no tractors, are large scale sluice boxes.  It was basically "hands and pans" for Nevada placer miners.  So with modern technology like metal detectors, diesel powered engines, and large scale gold processing equipment - I wonder how many hundreds of ounces of gold a team of a few guys could recover?

        After a day of sampling with just a pick, shovel, gold cube, classifier, buckets and a gold pan I was able to find some fine gold and a few 30- pieces of gold!

        Nevada Industrial Gold Placer Features:

          1. Recorded past producer, once in the 1870's and again in the 1980's.
          2. The ONLY available claim in the Peavine Mining District, everything else is Toiyable National Forest
          3. 1/2 mile away from a year round water supply/creek
          4. Old mill site/stone cabin on claim
          5. Easy year round 2 wheel drive access to the claim. Also tractor/camper/back-ho/accessible
          6. Just a few miles outside of all the conveniences and amenities of Reno, NV.
          7. Hundreds of tons of headings/tailings on site to reprocess.
          8. Multiple trenches cut with a backhoe at varied elevations along the canyon to the claim (sampling).
          9. Deposit is 457M x 0.91M in size.  Close to a 1/2 mile of ravine frontage runs through middle of the claim.
          10. Substantial known quantities of gold remain.
          11. Ideal for small / medium sized mining operations.  Easy to get a dry washer / bobcat / backhoe on the claim site.  Easy access to year-round water.
          12. Verified gold deposit remains (see sample results below)

        Source of Gold Deposit:

        According the Nevada Division of minerals and BLM write up on Nevada Industrial, the source of gold is from auriferous pyrite present in pyritized hydrothermally altered intrusive rock on the claim.  Ravine has cut into this gold carrying ore body, placing gold deposits in pockets alone the ravine.

        Nevada Industrial 1 & 2 Maps

        These would be the official maps describing the 40 acre claim.  Discovery monuments can be located by just eyeballing the area once you've made it on site.  If you'd like to visit the claim for sampling purposes prior to purchase please contact me for a temporary conveyance of mineral rights.

        Directions to Nevada Industrial 1 & 2

        One of the best ways to find the claim is to put the GPS coordinates listed above into your phone.  Otherwise, you can use the maps I've provided and take these driving directions, starting in Reno, NV:

          • Merge on to US-395
          • Continue North on US-395
          • Take exit 73 for "Golden Valley Rd"
          • Turn right on N. Virginia St.
          • Turn left onto Seneca Dr.
          • Turn left on Kiowa Way.
          • Kiowa Way merges onto a dirt road, which will take you to the claim just 1/2 mile out.

        No Longer For Sale