Gold Mining in Nevada - "Ancient Headwaters" 20 Acre Gold Claim

    Gold Mining in Nevada - The "Ancient Headwaters" Claim:
    Mining Commodity: Gold
    Past Producer: Yes. 300+ ounces of gold recovered from Buckeye Creek.
    Size of Claim: 20 Acres.
    Type: Unpatented Placer Mining Claim
    State/County: 6 miles east of Minden, Nevada. Douglas County.
    Discovery Monument: 39°35'44.07"N, 119°52'12.62"W
    Closest Cities: Minden (6 miles), Carson City (15 miles), Reno (40 miles)
    Accessibility: Multiple well maintained dirt roads lead to claim, 2-wheel drive accessible, 4-wheel recommended.
    Camping: Yes. This is on BLM land, and a wonderful level camp site exists on the claim with multiple trees for shade. 
    Food/Amenities: 6 miles away, city of Minden, NV.  Gas, food, lodging, hotels, hardware store and casinos. 
    Cell Phone Reception: Yes. 4G LTE all networks.
    Primary Claim Features: Several hundred meters of gold deposits exist on site verified through sampling and BLM records.
    Unmined Area: Substantial known quantities.  Over 1000' of water frontage on the claim, much of it close to bedrock.
    Rock & Deposit Type: Sedimentary Rock > Decomposing Granite > Carbonate > Quartz Monozonite
    Comments about Workings: See below.
    Ancient Headwaters20 Acre Gold Placer Claim
    TheAncient Headwatersclaim is a gold placer deposit with historic significance, first discovered in 1891, just outside of modern day Minden, Nevada.  Thousands of ounces have been minded from Buckeye Creek and the surrounding area.  The claim it's self is a good 6 miles outside of town, in a private, beautiful location.  Ancient Headwaters has over 1000 feet of creekside to start sampling and mining for gold on.  The area is easy to access, and you can pull a camper right up into the claim.
    MoreAncient HeadwatersGold Placer Features:
    • Recorded past gold producer.  1000's of ounces of GOLD have been found in Buckeye Creek
    • One of only a handful of available claims along Buckeye Creek
    • Seasonal water supply/creek, best in Spring/Early Summer
    • Easy year round 2 wheel drive access to the claim. Also tractor/camper/back-ho/accessible
    • Just a few miles outside of all the conveniences and amenities of Minden, NV.
    • Over 1000 feet of gold bearing creek water frontage!
    • Ideal for small / medium sized mining operations.  Accessible from a well maintained dirt road.
    • Verified gold deposit remains (see sample results below)
    Directions toAncient Headwaters
    One of the best ways to find the claim is to put the GPS coordinates into your phone:
    TheGPS Coordinates to the Discovery Monument
    38°59'24.30"N, 119°35'26.57"W 
    You can use the maps I've provided and take these driving directions, starting in Reno, NV:
    • Merge on to US-395 and head South.
    • Continue North on US-395 through Carson City, towards Minden, NV.
    • 1 mile before you get to Minden, turn right on Stockyard Rd.
    • Continue on Stockyard Rd. for approx 6.5 miles 
    • About 1/2 mile from the claim an unmarked dirt road on the left will take you creek-side to the claim.
    Once you're there, the claim includes west and east from the discovery monument 650' more or less.  
    If you have questions on how to locate the claim oryou want to sample the claim
    prior to making an offer,please send contact us.

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