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Nevada and surrounding states has thousands of gold and silver mines, some are for sale right now! Here's your chance to strike it rich with gold, silver and gemstone claims. Mountain Man Mining™ caters to recreational prospectors, weekend warriors and seasoned mining professionals.

NEW LISTING 10-3-2022: The Following Gold Mines are On Sale Now!

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river maverick

River Maverick is a 20 acre placer mining claim along the Carson River!  Access to year round water on a famous gold producing river.  Bring your trommels, sluice, find gold and camp on the river on sale now.

$5,000 USD

sun west gold

Multiple gold and silver workings make this easy to access, past producing 20.66 acre gold mining property a great opportunity to get into hard rock mining.  Find what your looking for at Sun West Gold lode mining claim on sale now.

$3,500 USD

high moss placer ca

High Moss placer commands 1400+ feet of creek-side access on the gold bearing Salmon Creek in Sierra County, CA.  Excellent camping at Gold Lake, bring your sluicebox, gold pans and trommel to this new 20 acre placer claim on sale now.

$4,000 USD

vernon gold mine

The massive 103.3 acre claim includes the famous Delano & Cleveland mines.  High grade silver ore made this mine site famous for producing over $60 Million in precious metals. Large reserves still remain on this well documented once in a lifetime opportunity, on sale now.

$119,000 USD

Buckeye Creek 1-3

Over 60 acres on the famous gold-producing Buckeye Creek is now available.  Enjoy easy dirt road access, 2000+ feet of creek gold-bearing gravels, just 6 miles from Garnerville, NV on sale now.

$7,500 USD

east fork #2

This 40 acre gold producing placer claims has year round water, great paved roads, is close to town and provides you with over 1000+ feet of year-round water.  Check out what East Fork Carson #2 claim has offer on sale now.


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Nevada Industrial Placer Gold Claim Sample Results

Nevada Industrial is a 40 acre placer mining claim just 3 miles from Reno.

EW6 Gold Mine Portal

Last Chance is a 20 acre lode mining claim is Esmeralda County, NV.

Overwatch Gold Claim, Gold Point NV

The famous Preachers Cabin outside of Lida, NV.

EW6 Gold Mine Portal

EW6 is a lode gold mine just outside of historic ghost town Gold Point, NV.

Overwatch Gold Mine

Overwatch gold mine is located just ouside of Goldpoint, NV.

Quantum Solace placer gold

Qunatum Solace is a placer claim in Olinghouse mining distrct.

River Maverick

River Maverick is a 40 acre placer claim along the Carson River, NV.

Ancient Headwaters Placer Gold

Ancient Headwaters is a 40 acre placer claim at the source of Buckeye.

Silver Crescent Mine

Silver Crescent is a lode mining claim in Mill City, Nevada.

Bentley Prospects

Bentley Prospects are a series of gold mines outside of Gardnerville, NV.

Ajak Lode

Two shafts full of copper, silver and gold just outside of Carson City.

Winters Mine

A thousand tons of tailings and trench cuts high in the mountains!

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