Exclusive Mineral Rights

Claim Name Size & Type Commodity State Price
E. Fork Carson #2  40 Acre Placer  Gold Sierra County, CA $6,500 
Tungsten One  20 Acre Lode  Tungsten, Copper, Silver  Pershing County, NV $3,200
Delano Mine 103 Acre Lode  Silver, Lead, Zinc, Tin Elko County, NV  $22,500
Hidden Gulch 40 Acre Placer Gold  Jackson County, OR $3,200
Canyon Placers
 80 Acre Placer  Gold Esmeralda County, NV $9,997
Canyon Expansion
 80 Acre Placer  Gold Esmeralda County, NV $9,997
NEW! Rye Patch Claims  60 Acre Placer  Gold Pershing County, NV $19,997
NEW! Fireball Ridge  40 Acre Lode  Gold, Silver & Copper Churchill County, NV $6,497

rye patch claims baseball card

The Rye Patch Claims are a collection of three 20-acre placer claims, totaling 60 acres, right next to the Rye Patch Reservoir in Pershing County, NV! Famed for its unique chevron gold and plenty of it, find huge gold nuggets with just a metal detector and a shovel! On sale now!

$19,997 USD

tule canyon placers baseball card

The Tule Canyon Placers is a 80 acre placer claim in the famous Tule Canyons, where hundreds of thousands have already been made and more is still left to mine! This dry placer finds itself in very rich territory in Esmeralda County, NV! On sale now!

$9,997 USD

hidden gulch headframe

The Hidden Gulch is a naturally-concealed 40 acre placer claim on a crescent-shaped mountain in Jackson County, OR. Easily find the gold with a shovel and a pan trapped by nature's sluice boxes under the dry Brush Creek with this claim that's on sale now.

$3,200 USD

Fireball Ridge

Fireball Ridge is a past producing gold and silver lode mine measuring 41.32 acres in Churchill County, NV!  Ore with silvery galena pockets alongside bright, flaming hydrothermal alterations are everywhere on this shining mountain top! On sale now!

$6,497 USD

tule canyon expansion baseball card

The Tule Canyon Expansion is a 80 acre placer claim in the famous Tule Canyons in Nugget Gulch, some of the richest territory riding Walker Lane! Millions of ounces of gold have left Tule Canyon, and now it's your turn to find some in Esmeralda County, NV! On sale now!

$9,997 USD

tungsten one mine

Tungsten One is a past producing gold/tungsten lode mine measuring 20.66 acres in Lyon County, NV.  Here you'll find high-grade ore, hundreds of rich vein material & extensive underground workings! Next to Pyramid Lake this tungsten/gold mine is on sale now.

$3,200 USD

delano headframe

The famous Delano & Cleveland mines!  200+ oz/ton Ag high grade silver ore made this mine site famous for producing over $70 Million in precious metals with a large ore reserve remaining on sale now.

$22,500 USD

east fork carson river gold placer claim

East Fork Carson #2 is a 40 acre placer mining claim on the Carson River. Year round water supply means mine anytime you want!  Bring your gold-pans, trommels, sluice-box, high-bankers, buckets and classifiers and get to work East Fork Carson #2  is on sale now.

$6,500 USD

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