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Delano & Cleveland Mine Pack

UGRENT: A new discovery called LK99 (room temperature super conductor) may change the world for ever!  If the theories are correct and labs around the world are able to reproduce the substance this mine will give you all the minerals you need to harness gravity!

High to medium grade silver, zinc and lead ore expand through the entire claims 248 acres.  Underground development has yielding a galena vein where 200 oz/ton of silver have been observed.  Owner-financing is avaliable for this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a mine complex with a rich history, and a rich future to come....

  • Over 2000+ Feet of Underground Development
  • 8+ Profitable Ore Types Yielding: Silver, Zinc, Lead, Gold
  • Established Past-Production History ($70 Million products from 1900-1960)
  • $350,000 Spent in Exploration & Geological Sampling
  • Estimated 114 Million USD in Ore Remaining Near the Surface
  • Asking price $125,000, Owner-financing avaliable

Look below for a downloadable information packet containing over 150 pages of underground tunneling maps, advanced sampling, exploration and geological data.  If your interested in securing this claim package for yourself, contact us below.

Delano Pack 248 Acre Lode Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim(s)
Size of Claim 248 Acres
Commodities  Silver, Lead, Zinc, Gold
Past Production  Over 70 Million USD
State, County  Nevada, Elko
Accessability Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Type Replacement Disposition
Estimated Reserves 114 Million USD
Relics  Hoist, roaster, water tank, etc.

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Download Map Google Earth™ KMZ File

Claim Photographs

Samples & Ore Values

There are over 6 profitable ore types in the Delano & Cleveland mine package:

  • Cerussite Ore
  • Sphalerite Ore
  • Galena Ore
  • Bindheimite Ore
  • Pyrite Ore
  • Anglesite Ore
  • Tetrahedrite Ore

While over $380,000 in gold recovereed from the Delano to date, the majority of the precious mineral values are constained in the silver, lead and zinc found in the various ore types.  According to the reports of exploration done in the 1970's the average value per ton of ore still at the surface is $457 at 80% recovery.  Grab samples at the surface have been observed to contain as much as 200 ounces of silver per ton, valued at over $5000 at current silver market prices.

Reports & References

Download the ZIP file below for the full information package we have on Delano.  It includes the summary of over $350,000 spent in exploration of the deposit in the 1970s, a full geological survey, underground tunneling and maps, detailed x-ray defraction of ore, sample analysis, economic potential.... and much more:

  • Cleveland Underground Tunnels
  • Bluebell Underground Works & Ore Bodies
  • Noranda Exploration Summary
  • Delano District NVBM Report
  • Geological Maps of Mineral Disposition
  • Olsen Phd Thesis Delano Mining Distrcit
  • MRDS Delano 1 & 2 Mine
  • MRDS Bluebell Mine
  • MRDS Gold Note
  • MRDS Cleveland Mine

Click here to download info package files (Delano_Pack.zip 21.3mb)

Silver & Lead Extraction + Tin Opportunity

There are several milling techniques described to extract the precious metals at the Delano and Cleveland mines.  In the 1970's sampling of the region, Olsen describes using a technique of crushing to 200 mesh and using a 1:1 HCl extraction to produced a 50% recovery of zinc and silver in the residue.  A large increase in recovery (upwards of 80%) was obtained through floatation.  The greatest precious metal values are found in the silver, lead and zinc ores.  Watch this floatation video for an great idea of how to set up your own floatation mill.

In the Noranda memo that summarizes their exploration they estimated to have 250,000 tons of ore un-mined, with an average value of 7 oz/ton silver, 2.7% zinc and 5.6% lead by weight.  The total approximate values remaining in ore at/close to the surface at current market prices is 114 Millions USD. 

Tin has also been found throughout the deposit and in the Delano main decline, as well as near the surface to the east of Cleveland 1 claims.

 Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claims
 Size of Claim  248 Acres
 Commodities  Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc
Ore Body Information
Width Variable 0.3M-2M Thick
Ore Body Type Secondary Replacement
Development Underground: 2000+ Feet
District Name Delano Mining District
Development Status
Operation Type  Surface / Underground Lode
Development Status Large Past Producer
Mining Claims & Transfer Process

There are over a million active mining claims in the western United States.  With Nevada being the #1 gold producer in the nation ... it produces over 150 thousand kilos of gold every year!  The second highest gold producing state is Alaska - followed by California, Oregon, Utah and Colorado which all have comparable mineral-rich claims.

An unpatented mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government. It is a tangible asset that shows proof of all interests in minerals in the area. They can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate.  Mining claims have been bought and sold for 150+ years.

When you buy a claim MountainManMining.com will issue a quit-claim deed to the according county.  The deed conveys all mineral rights, and interests to you.  A copy of the deed is also issued to the Bureau of Land Management for recording.  The transfer process typically is completed by all parties, and the official paperwork returned to you within 10-14 days after purchase.

After the transfer you are the new claim owner!  Remember to pay your yearly assessment fees, or file a small miners exemption waiver to the BLM and you can keep the claim virtually forever.

Most answers about how to maintain your mining claim after purchase can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

 Buy & Get Started

When you decide to purchase, we take care of the full transfer quick and easy.  You'll get the official return documentation from the local county and the Bureau of Land Management with your mining claim numbers. Info on maintaining your claim can be found here.

  • Delano 1-4, Cleveland 1-5, Bluebell, Goldnote 1 & 2: 248 Acres of Lode Mining Claims
  • Official Certificate of Location & Maps of Locations
  • All Mineral Rights & Mineral Interests
  • All Filing & Transfer Costs Included
  • Full Claim Transfer Guaranteed Within 14 Days

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Cash Price & Owner-Financing Options

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