New Placer Claims Near Lovelock, NV.

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Please do not share the images or location of these claims with outside audiences.

Trinity Canyon

This first gallery is of Trinity Canyon, a known placer district.  A total of 80 acres up and down this canyon are available to claim.  A few tailings piles are scattered throughout.  

The two mines shown in the photos are the Morning Star & Lower Steiner mines.  The MRDS write up on these mines has them as past gold/silver producers, and they are one of the many lode mines at the head of Trinity Canyon.  Information on the high production of placer gold in this district can be found in "Placer Districts of Nevada" book published by USGS 1971. Claims are approx. 7 miles Northwest out of Lovelock, NV.

Steiner & Morning Star Lodes

Black Rock Canyon

The second gallery is of a unique placer claim, along a creek, with mostly year-round water supply.  This is the only placer with water in the actual Rye Patch District you're going to get.  20 Acres, 1/2 mile hike in.  Green tape marks the first corner.  Over 1300' of creek-side frontage.  One once apart of a blanket claim by Standard Gold Corp, first time it's available in 8 years.  On the east side of Rye Patch Reservoir, 13 miles North of Lovelock, NV.

Rye Patch Fan

The last set of images is a 20 acre placer claim just about 1 mile from the above gallery.  It's a dry wash that's been worked on/off for years on top of an aluvial fan.  Lots of overburden has been cleared in various spots.  Can drive right up to this claim with a trailer and equipment.  On the east side of Rye Patch Reservoir, 13 miles North of Lovelock, NV.