"Sierra Gold" Gold Placer Mountain
20 Acre Mining Claim

salmon creek
Sierra County, California - Salmon Creek Gold Placer

The "Sierra Gold" is a past producing placer mountain mining claim, measuring 20 acres, found in the North Yuba River area of the Tahoe National Forest. Camp, fish, and gold-pan around Salmon Creek, a small gold-bearing river that flows from the beautiful Upper and Lower Salmon Lakes, only a short hike from the claim! The claim is tucked away in the old-growth pines and surrounded by natural alpine water, with the large, well-stocked Gold Lake a short drive North.

The Sierra Gold claim finds itself downriver from the old Lone Wolf Group mines, mines that were assaying hundreds of dollars worth of gold in 1942. Eight decades of winter and weather have worn the hard rock of those mines down and have put their valuable ores the only place they can go: the Salmon Creek.

Gold Lake Highway is located only a few hundred feet from the claim, and Sierra City with all its amenities is a short 15 minute drive South, making getting there and staying there as easy as pie.

This gold placer mountain claim has been SOLD!

Sierra Gold 20 Acre Placer Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Claim
Size of Claim  20 Acres
Commodities  Gold
Past Production  Yes.
State, County  California, Sierra
Accessability Developed Mountain Highway
Deposit Type Quartz-type, glacial deposits
Cell Phone Reception  4GLTE All Networks
Relics  No.

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Discovery Marker GPS Coordinates (WGS84): 39.646951°, -120.629796°

sierra gold claimsierra gold claim

Claim Photographs

Economic Features
 Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Claim
 Size of Claim  20 Acres
 Commodities  Gold.
Ore Body Information
Width N/A
Ore Body Type Quaternary Glacial
Development N/A
District Name Northern Sierra Buttes
Development Status
Operation Type  Surface Placer
Development Status  Inactive
Mining Claims & Transfer Process

An unpatented mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government. It is a tangible asset that shows proof of all interests in minerals in the area. They can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate.  Mining claims have been bought and sold for 150+ years.

The mining claim deed conveys all mineral rights, and interests to you.  A copy of the deed is also issued to the Bureau of Land Management for recording.  The transfer process typically is completed by all parties, and the official paperwork returned to you within 10-14 days after purchase.

Most answers about how to maintain your mining claim after purchase can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Purchasing Mineral Rights

When you decide on this claim we take care of the full mineral rights transfer on your behalf.  All filing and transfer fees are included in the price listed below.  Yearly assessments are paid up through 9/1/2023.   It's just $10 per year to maintain your claim with the BLM with a small miners exemption.  Full info on maintaining your claim can be found here.

  • SIERRA GOLD 20 Acres Placer Mining Claim
  • Official Certificate of Location & Maps of Location
  • Full Claim Transfer Guaranteed Within 14 Days

Enter your full name and address on the order form below and complete your payment to purchase this mining claim.   You can add additional claim owner names in the "Notes" section on the order form below.  If you have any questions about the purchase and transfer process for mining claims contact us on the form below.

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