Gold Mines For Sale:
The Standard Gold Claim, 123.96 Acre Lode Claim

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Discovery Marker GPS Coordinates (WGS84):  40.502806°,-118.222369°

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A high overview image of the surrounding area around the Standard Gold mine, where within lies one of Mountain Man Mining's gold mines for sale.An overview image of the claim site, showing the size of the gold claim for sale.A more detailed overview image of the Standard Gold claim, one of the gold mines for sale at Mountain Man

Standard Gold Claim Photographs

Pershing County, Nevada - Gold & Silver Past Producer

The Standard Gold Claim is a unique claim that contains the primary ores and tailings taken from the now defunct Standard Gold Mine, a big gold and silver past-producer located in Pershing County, Nevada! Worked as late as 1936 and as recently as 2013, this well-documented, medium-sized production mine produced millions of dollars worth of gold during it's years of operation. Due to unknown reasons, the most recent owners, the Apollo Gold & Silver Corporation, stopped production and left their raw, unworked ore just lying around!

Found in the Imlay Mining District, the Standard Gold Mine is a medium-sized production situated at the foothills of Star Peak, surrounded by the three biggest productions in the area: The Florida Canyon Mine, the Couer Rochester Mines, and the Spring Valley Project. The rich territory keeps prospectors flocking back to the area to try their luck washing in Relief Canyon, trenching near the old Imlay Mine, or prospecting close to these giant productions!

Luckily for the holders of this claim, the work has already been done! Instead of pulling the ore out yourself, this claim is covered in already mined ore, ready to be processed. The gold is one step away from being poured into gold, but needs the proper equipment and know-how to pull it out!

The claimed area also contains unique artifacts from the old 1936s production, which lasted up until 1949. Old concrete foundations, derelict structures, an old rusty, giant trommel, sample bags, and much more to be discovered on the claim site!

In addition, the claim site contains the projected future expansion of the Standard Gold Mine! Want to see what interest they had on the hill opposite of them? Find out using their own samples and go deeper using their three shafts!

The site is easily accessible. Well-maintained dirt roads lead up to the claim site, 3 miles off of I-80. You're never far from civilization being 25 miles from the town of Lovelock to the South and 40 miles North to Winnemucca.

Standard Gold Mine 123.96 Acre Lode Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
Size of Claim  123.96 Acres
Commodities  Gold, Silver
Past Production  Yes
State, County  Nevada, Pershing
Accessibility Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Size/Type Medium/Brecciated Limestone
and Shale
Cell Phone Reception  4GLTE All Networks
Relics  Yes. Old equipment, sample bags,
large metal relics and more!
A 3D skewed image of the Standard Gold claim, showing off the height of the mountains of tailings.

Economic Features
 Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
 Size of Claim  123.96 Acres
 Commodities  Gold, Silver
Ore Body Information
Ore Body Width/Length 76.2m/289.56m
Ore Body Type Limestone/Shale
Development Underground: 914.4M
District Name Imlay
Development Status
Operation Type  Open Pit
Development Status  Inactive
MRDS References
Mineral Resource Data System - Deposit ID #10310412  MRDS Report

Standard Gold Claim Mineral Rights Transfer Process

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Purchasing the Gold Standard Claim

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