West Jackson, 40 Acre Placer

Plumas County, California - Gold Past Producer

The West Jackson Creek is a past producing Northeastern California placer claim for sale, measuring 40 acres alongside the Jackson Creek. Five miles from the famous Plumas-Eureka mine, the Jackson Creek shares rich mountain territory with some of the biggest gold producers of history! Act as the gateway and capture gold before it flows into the Middle Fork Feather River and becomes lost downstream forever!

The Jackson Creek flows strongest in the spring and still flows throughout the fall and the winter, making it available all year long! Pan and sluice to your heart's content using the natural waterfalls found at several spots along the creek for natural, water-based power for automated set-ups! Pan it by hand in the beauty of the Sierras in Spring and Summer, and let the machines handle the rest during Winter and Fall.

The landscape around Mt. Jackson changes yearly, with new rock barreling down the mountain every year, revealing fresh gravels and material packed with quartz and black sands galore.

Well-maintained roads carve a path to the claim site, making the site easy to park next to and access without much hiking. Picnic benches and camping sites can be found nearby, in case you plan an extended stay. If you don't, a hot meal can be found either down the road at the quaint little green touristy town of Graeagle, or up North in Quincy!

West Jackson 40 Acre Placer Claim:
Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Claim
Size of Claim  40 Acres
Commodities  Gold.
Past Production  Yes.
State, County  California, Plumas
Accessibility Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Type Cascade Range: tertiary pyroclastic and volcanic mudflow deposits
Cell Phone Reception Spotty 4GLTE All Networks
Relics  No.
An overview of the West Jackson 40 acre gold California placer claim for sale.

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Discovery Marker GPS Coordinates:

West Jackson #1:  39.848740°, -120.647316°

West Jackson #2: 39.849749°, -120.651885°

This California placer claim for sale has a total claim area of 40 acres. The Creek is just a short walk from a well maintained dirt road so it provides easy access to the gold bearing gravels throughout this placer claim.

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Perimeters and Corners for Google Earth (KMZ File)

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A high overview of the West Jackson 40 acre gold California placer claim for sale.A high overview of the West Jackson 40 acre gold California placer claim for sale.

Claim Photographs

Economic Features
 Type of Claim Unpatented Placer Claim
 Size of Claim  40 Acres
 Commodities  Gold.
Ore Body Information
Width  N/A
Ore Body Type Pyroclastic and volcanic mudflow
Development Untouched and pristine
District Name Plumas
Development Status
Operation Type  Surface Placer
Development Status  Inactive
MRDS References
Mineral Resource Data System - Jackson Creek  MRDS Report
Mining Claims & Transfer Process

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The mining claim deed conveys all mineral rights, and interests to you.  A copy of the deed is also issued to the Bureau of Land Management for recording.  The transfer process typically is completed by all parties, and the official paperwork returned to you within 10-14 days after purchase.

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Purchasing Mineral Rights

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  • WEST JACKSON 40 Acres Placer Mining Claim
  • Official Certificate of Location & Maps of Location
  • Full Claim Transfer Guaranteed Within 14 Days

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Purchasing West Jackson

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WEST JACKSON: Plot One (#1)

The most upstream portion of the Creek, Plot #1 features a good amount of natural foliage to cover camp and lots of natural waterfalls and gold traps!

KMZ: West Jackson Creek #1 - 2



WEST JACKSON: Plot Two (#2)

The West Jackson Creek #2 features a lot of flat land near the river to set up a large camp with, natural waterfalls of its own, and acts as the "gateway" before the river plummets down the ravine to be lost forever!

KMZ: West Jackson Creek #1 - 2



Obtain PLOTS ONE & TWO (#1 & #2) of the WEST JACKSON CREEK

Get the whole West Jackson Creek, #1 and #2, and explore dozens of natural gold traps and pan for gold along the Jackson Creek! Thousands of feet of riverbed acreage to set up shop and make your fortune along the Jackson Creek before it becomes lost in the Middle Fork Feather River!



NE: 39.850037°, -120.646299°
NW: 39.850944°, -120.655688°

KMZ: West Jackson Creek #1 - 2
SE: 39.848233°, -120.646292°
SW: 39.849139°, -120.655688°

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