Delano & Cleveland Mine Pack

    This once in a lifetime opportunity is for the lion's share of the Delano mining district, named after President Theodore Delano Roosevelt.  This claim package includes 103.3 acres, 5 unpatented lode mining claims and over 75 US million dollars in verified documented reserves of high grade silver, gold and lead ore.

    Primary Claim Package Features:

        • 103.3 Acres of unpatented lode mining claims essentially land-lock the surrounding area of any additional mineral entry
        • Extensive underground workings, electrical rail, mining relics, solid shoring from 1960 in place  (over 2 miles of underground development)
        • Extensive drilling and geology work in the area proving out additional resources (Over 40 tons of silver remain)
        • Claim includes multiple historic past producers: Delano, Cleveland, Gold Note, Blue Bell Mines
        • Over 60 Millions USD produced from the Delano/Cleveland mines to date
        • Over 75 Million USD in silver/lead/gold reserves remain on the property
        • Ghost town remnants, cabins, relics, water tower, ore roaster
        • Thousands of tons of headings and tailings piles
        • Nine district ore types
        • Good year-round road access
        • Multiple adits, shafts, declines provide access to the underground development
        • Multiple mines on the claims, including: Gold Note, Rainstorm, Argyle, Little Darling, Bonnie Ray and of course the Delano and Cleveland Mines

    The Delano and Cleveland Mines are famous top-dollar past producers in Nevada for Lead and Silver.  Total production between the two mines found on the claim total over $60,000,000 (60 MILLION) and include 46.7 tons of silver, and over 1000 tons of lead.

    The remnants of the Delano ghost town still stand scattered throughout the two primary mine features on this claim group.  A massive fire in 1990 leveled many of the buildings, the evidence of this once flouring mining town still remain in the form of iron relics and stone cabins.

    Over 6,200 feet of underground workings were last reported  for the Delano mine.  The main entrance being seen the photos below, a 30 degree downward dip provides access to the underground network, possibility connecting the Cleveland and Delano mines.

    This 681.81 acre claim package is on sale now includes 41 claims in total (see below for maps).  The entirely to the Delano Mine and significant portions of the Cleveland Mine are included in this package. Additional  mines included in the claim package include the Rainstorm/Argyle, Bonnie Ray, Lead Canyon, Cranky Hank and the Gold Note mines.

    The mine has been worked by a number of companies since it's initial discovery in 1872.  During 1926 it was a steady producer shipping 30-50 car loads per year.  Major Nevada mining companies like Nevada Gold and Newmont have both show interest in this property.

    If your interested in purchasing this claim or would like to obtain samples for yourself please email me here.

    Public Land Survey System information

    Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State
    Mount Diablo 044N 068E 28 Nevada


    Commodity Importance
    Silver Primary
    Gold Primary
    Lead Primary
    Zinc Secondary
    Copper Secondary

    Comments on the commodity information

    • Ore Materials: cerussite, sphalerite, galena, bindhemite, pyrite, anglesite, tetrahedrite
    • Gangue Materials: JASPER, QUARTZ, VANADINITE

    High-grade Ag, Zn, Pb from the Delano Mine

    Materials information

    Materials Type of material
    Cerussite Ore
    Sphalerite Ore
    Galena Ore
    Bindheimite Ore
    Pyrite Ore
    Anglesite Ore
    Tetrahedrite Ore
    Quartz Ore
    Vanadinite Ore
    Jasper Gangue


    • Yes (Local) SILICIFICATION

    Mineral occurrence model information

    Model code 72
    USGS model code 19a
    Deposit model name Polymetallic replacement
    Mark3 model number 47

    Host and associated rocks

    • Host or associated Host
      Rock type Sedimentary Rock
      > Carbonate
      > Limestone
      Rock unit name Grandeur Fm.
      Stratigraphic age (youngest) Permian
    • Host or associated Associated
      Rock type Plutonic Rock
      > Granitoid
      > Granite
      Rock type qualifier stock
      Rock unit name INDIAN SPRINGS
      Stratigraphic age (youngest) Tertiary

    Location Information

    GPS Location  41.67158, -114.27421

    Geologic structures

    Type of structure Local
    Structure description FAULTS

    Ore body information

    • General form IRREGULAR TO TABULAR

    Controls for ore emplacement


    Economic information

    Economic information about the deposit and operations

    Operation type Underground
    Development status Past Producer
    Commodity type Metallic
    Deposit size Small-Medium
    Significant Yes
    Discovery year 1872
    Discoverer An Indian showed it to Thomas J. & Brown
    Year of first production >1872
    Year of last production >1960
    Produced to Date $60+ Million in Pb, Ag, Zn, Au
    Reserves Remaining $75,000,000 (75 Million USD)
    Production years 1872-1960s

    Mining district

    District name Delano District

    Comments on the workings information

    • Underground workings included an inclined shaft from which the deposit was worked laterally for 125 feet and more than 1700 feet down dip.

    Comments on other economic factors

    • From 1918 to 1970, the combined Delano and Cleveland mine deposits produced 46.7 tonnes of silver, 10 kilotonnes of lead, and 0.6 kilotonnes of zinc from an unknown tonnage of ore.
    • In 1980, the combined Delano and Cleveland mine deposits were estimated to contain reservesof 240 kilotonnes of ore grading 6.43 opt Ag, 5.6% Pb, 3.8% Zn, with minor Cu and Au.
    • In 1989, the combined Delano and Cleveland mine deposits were estimated to contain a remaining resource of 218 kilotonnes of ore containing 48 tonnes of silver, 12 kilotonnes of lead, and 8 kilotonnes of zinc (Long and others, 1998).

    Comments on development

    The first activity in the area was an ore discovery by an indian who showed it to Thomas J. & Brown in spring of 1872. The district was organized as the Goose Creek district at this time. Supposedly some 90 locations were made, with the main properties being Cotton Thomas, Anna Carroll, and Providence. (Whitehill, 1875, 1877). The Servia and Slavonia Mining Co. Waw incorporated to work the mines.

    Activity then waned with decline in silver price. About 1905, Craig Chambers mined and shipped ore from the Gold Note other mines until the lead-silver declined and he abandoned the effort. It was inactive until about 1917 when Roy Woods, and C.B. Whinery & Associates began work on the Delano claim. They shipped ore to Salt Lake City 1917-20. The Delno mine was a steady shipper for 10 years through 1926 with 30-50 car loads a year. In 1925 a 20-ton concentrator was erected on Rock Spring Creek 7 miles west of the mine. (Hunt), later this was enlarged. Panther Mines Co. incorporated with stock to lease and option the Delno Mine and Milling Co. but ran into financial problems.

    Next the Net or Delno Co. worked the property successfully for about 15 years. The replacement deposits in limestone averaged 20-25% Pb & 30-35 oz. Ag per ton. Shipping ore ran 50% Pb, 60 oz. Ag.; Mill ore averaged 15% Pb and 20 oz Ag per ton. The main ore shoot (1937) was 300 ft long on a 30 incline, and 13 ft wide and uniform. The property was developed by a 1,200 ft incline shaft (at this date).

    One half the tonnage was milled at the company mill at nearest water source (Rock Springs Creek). Haulage charges were high-ore hauled out and water hauled in. Production reported to be about $300,000 for the 15-year period. Granger, 1957 reported the mine to have 5,900 ft of underground workings (sans stopes)-laterally to 125 ft and 1,700 ft down dip of ore zone. Ore is off-set with several faults.


    Delano-Cleveland Mines - MRDS M233921

    Gold Note Claim - MRDS 10271006

    Cleveland Mine - MRDS M233923

    Jackpot Land Status Map, 1978

    Long, K.R., DeYoung, J.H., Jr., and Ludington, S.D., 1998, Database of significant deposits of gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc in the United States; Part A, Database description and analysis; part B, Digital database: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 98-206, 33 p., one 3.5 inch diskette.

    Olsen, D.R, 1960, Geology and mineralogy of the Delano mining district and vicinity, Elko County, Nevada.

    Purchase Details

    A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government. Mining claims are a tangible asset and show proof of all interests in minerals in the area. They can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate. A mining claim can be sold, traded, leased, gifted, willed, used as collateral or transferred in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance.

    When you buy this mine all paperwork and filings will be done on your behalf.  All fees are paid up through Sept. 1st 2023.

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