Fireball Ridge, 41.32 Acre Lode

Discovery Monument & Claim Boundaries

Discovery Marker GPS Coordinates (WGS84): 39.874374°, -119.090241°

Churchill County, Nevada - Gold Past Producer

Next to the Nightingale Hot Springs, Fireball Ridge is a developed, past producing gold and silver mine located in Churchill, NV! In a geothermally active area, this area's ore samples feature vesicular, hydrothermal alterations along with extremely visible, silver-hued galena stringers! This mix of bright, shiny veins along with intrusive, hydrothermal alterations make Fireball Ridge among the most unique spots to look for gold and silver in Nevada!

Some features of Fireball Ridge at a glance:

  • Seven shafts and adits, some still strong with timbering!
  • Unique, vuggy galena ore, producing 6 different commodities!
  • Primary ore deposits left right on the hill for easy sampling!
  • Plenty of old relics from the past on site!
  • Easy access from I-80!

The mine shows significant work from our predecessors: two filled shafts, two open shafts, and three adits of various depth. From their placement alone, one can see the general shape of the parallel ore bodies they were targeting, springing up from a fault line directly below. Competing mines on the North and South sides of the claim follow the same fault, looking for the same silvery galena-laden ore.

Plenty of quartz and magnetite follows along with the main galena ore formation. Bright red, yellow and green copper and pyritic sulfides decorate rocks with eye-catching colors, paired together with smoky, milky white quartz and dot the landscape around the claim for easy grab samples.

Just a few minutes from the growing, full service town of Fernley, NV, Fireball Ridge is ten minutes down a fairly well-maintained series of dirt roads straight off of I-80. You can race to your claim in little under an hour from Reno, NV!

Fireball Ridge 41.32 Acre Lode:
Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
Size of Claim  40 Acres
Commodities  Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Tungsten, Zinc
Past Production  Yes.
State, County  Nevada, Churchill
Accessibility Good 4x4 Dirt Roads
Deposit Type Parallel galena & quartz veins between felsic and mafic igneous intrusions along fault range
Cell Phone Reception  4GLTE All Networks
Relics  No.

Fireball Ridge Photographs

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An overview of the Fireball Ridge claim, one of the cheap abandoned mines for sale at MountainManMining.comAn overview of Fireball Ridge, one of the cheap abandoned mines for sale at detailed overview of Fireball Ridge, one of the cheap abandoned mines for sale at

Economic Features
 Type of Claim Unpatented Lode Claim
 Size of Claim  41.32 Acres
 Commodities  Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Tungsten, Zinc
Ore Body Information
General Form  Tabular, striking N-S at 55-65E
Ore Body Type Galena, quartz, magnetite
Development Yes.
District Name Truckee
Development Status
Operation Type  Underground Lode
Development Status  Inactive
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Mineral Resource Data System No. 10310505

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Fireball Ridge Mineral Rights Transfer Process

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Purchasing the Fireball Ridge

You can now buy mineral rights online and we handle all the dirty work! We offer two pricing options, lump-sum and financed. If you're financing, it's just 25% down to get you mining, and your happiness is always guaranteed. Contact us anytime to pay by cash or check.


Plot One (#1)

Fireball Ridge's Plot #1 captures a majority of the action laid on the claim - several tunnels and adits dot the claim site, all pointing directly to the gold!

KMZ: Fireball Ridge, All

ON SALE NOW: $3,999


Plot Two (#2)

Plot #2 of Fireball Ridge captures a majority of the relics on site, several prospects, and one of the most developed adits on the property.

KMZ: Fireball Ridge, All

ON SALE NOW: $3,999



Obtain PLOTS ONE & TWO (#1 & #2) of FIREBALL RIDGE

Capture all of the glory held in reserve in Fireball Ridge! 
With multiple entry points into the mountain through several adits and tunnels, drilling toward the ore they found from several angles, follow in your predecessor's tracks and claim the treasure they sought for themselves as your own!


NE: 39.876995°, -119.086646°
NW: 39.876996°, -119.091363°

KMZ: Fireball Ridge, All
SE: 39.873225°, -119.086653°
SW: 39.873288°, -119.091367°


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Cash Price

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Temporary conveyance of mineral rights

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Email based support for claim maintenance and questions

Name of Claim(s) Acres Cash Price Financed Price (+10% Interest) Down Payment Required (25%) 12 Monthly Payments
Fireball Ridge 40 $6,497 $7,147 $1,787 $447

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  • We handle all the filing and transfer services on your behalf.  Expect to get official stamped/recorded copies of your paperwork mailed to you from the Churchill County Recorders Office and the Nevada Bureau of Land Management officiating you as the new claimant within 10 days of purchase.

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