Courbet Group Patented Mining Claims, 123 Acres, 7 Mines


    Patented mining claims for sale are extremely rare and valuable....

    Behold! Now's your chance to acquire 123 acres of patented mining claims in Esmeralda County, with 7 mines, access to water, a long mining season and a rich mining history.  The Courbet Group has hundreds of feet of underground workings, rich gold/silver ore values, buildable lots for cabins, mill-sites and equipment storage.  These patented mines are hidden away from the daily grind, and provide peace in this exclusive desert get-away and gold mining opportunity.

    If you've ever wanted to own your patented land with multiple gold and silver mines on it, this is your chance...

    If your interested in purchasing this claim or would like to obtain samples for yourself please email me here.

    Courbet Group of Patented Claims Features:

    • 123 Total Acres of Patented Land with 5 Mines: Courbet, Eva May, El Dorado No. 3, Sunshine Annex, Eva, Courbet #2
    • Tokop Mining District, 1.23 miles from Gold Mountain Summit
    • Nearby amenities at Gold Point Ghost Town: Water, food, fuel
    • Remote, yet easy to access, good cell phone reception
    • Hundreds of feet of underground workings, large quantity of vein material remains
    • Recently drilled well within a half mile mile of patents
    • Private location rarely seen by outsiders
    • All claims are conjoined and have multiple flat, build able spaces
    • Long mining season
    • Over $730,000 USD in 6000 tons of dumps remain on the property
    • Substantial known quantities of vein material remaining assaying at $925+ per ton.

    Courbet Group of patented mining claims is situated just a few miles outside of the famous ghost town of Gold Point, NV.  Here you'll find a population of only about a dozen old-timers, yet access to fuel, water, a bar and a few cabins for rent.  The following is a brief history of Gold Point:

    History of Gold Point NV, Ghost Town

    Gold Point was initially called Lime Point for the nearby lime deposits found in 1868. Processing difficulties in the 1880's discouraged silver mining locally.

    Goldfield ore discoveries in 1902 stimulated area mining interest and high grade hornsilver was discovered here in 1908. The name was changed to Hornsilver & a typical mining camp development occurred. A newspaper, post office, stores, and saloons began operations, and a town of over 225 wood-frame buildings, tents, and shacks appeared.

    The camp assumed the name Gold Point after 1930 when more gold was being mined than silver. Miners were drawn away to essential World War II industries in October 1942, and major mining efforts ceased at Gold Point.

    Gold Point in the New Century

    Gold Point of the late 1800s, known as Lime Point, was a minor outpost that never had a post office and was likely completely abandoned on more than one occasion. It wasn't until the discovery of high grade silver ore that a rush to the location finally resulted in a permanent settlement.

    The 1908 rush resulted in Hornsilver being established and by may the camp had a post office and a newspaper. Newspapers declared that Hornsilver was the "latest wonder in Nevada mining districts" and that new stores were opening every week.

    In 1922 the Great Western mine, the largest producer at Hornsilver, was purchased by Charles Stoneham of the New York Giants baseball team. In 1932 the name of the town was changed to Gold Point due to the fact that more gold was being produced than silver.

    Courbet Group Patented Claims Main Features

    Type of Claim Patented Lode Mines
    Size of Claim 123 ACRES.
    Mining Commodities Gold, silver.
    Accessibility Good dirt roads, 4x4 helpful.
    Closest City Gold Point, Goldfield, Tonopah NV.
    Buildable Yes. Cabins, mill-site, no building restrictions.
    Ore Reserves Thousand of tons.
    Cell Phone Reception Yes 4G LTE All Networks.
    Mining Relics  Timbers, Cabin, Shoring, Iron.
    The image above shows the total 123 acres of patent claims included with the sale of the Courbet patents.  There are seven primary featured mines, with the largest of these being the Courbet. CLICK HERE to download the Google Earth™ view of the boundaries.

    Location Map and GPS

    Center of Patents  37.259636°, -117.284422°

    Photographs of Courbet Patents



    Country State County
    United States Nevada Esmeralda

    Public Land Survey System information

    Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State
    Mount Diablo 008S 042E 08 Nevada


    Commodity Importance
    Gold Primary
    Silver Primary
    Lead Tertiary
    Copper Tertiary

    Materials information

    Materials Type of material
    Chalcopyrite Ore
    Galena Ore
    Gold Ore
    Malachite Ore
    Pyromorphite Ore
    Quartz Gangue

    Host and associated rocks

    • Host or associated Host
      Rock type Plutonic Rock > Granitoid > Granite

    Nearby scientific data

    (1) Granitic rocks

    Ore body information

    • Strike N-S
      Dip 30E
      Width 0.38M

    Economic information

    Economic information about the deposit and operations

    Development status Past Producer
    Commodity type Metallic
    Deposit size Small
    Significant No

    Mining district

    District name Gold Mountain

    Land status

    Ownership category Private

    Comments on the workings, assay and remaining values

    • Gold was discovered in the Gold Mountain Mining District by Thomas Shaw in 1866, during the rush caused by the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode at Virginia City (Lincoln, 1923). The district was organized in 1868 (Ball, 1906). The principal mine in the area at that time, the Oriental, was discovered in 1871 and went into production around 1874 (Raymond, 1874). The Oriental Nine is geographically between the Rattlesnake Mine and the Courbet, Sunshine Annex, and Eldorado Number Three properties.

      Ore in the district reportedly brought up to $1,370 per ton and averaged around $173 per ton (Raymond, 1974).   At today's prices that's over $1800 a ton of high-grade material with an average of $250 per ton for low to mid-grade.

    Remaining AU/AG Values at Courbet

    The Courbet claim block includes twelve dumps of varying sizes and grades containing at least 6500 tons (6000 tonnes) of material with a gross value of $730,000 USD.  In addition a great deal of the Courbet vein remains and is oriented favorably for surface mining.  In addition, a vein on the northwest corner of the block which outcrops for 30 feet and is at least 60 feet deep assayed at $925/ton.

    Bibliographic references


    • Courbet Mine (MRDS #10044616) AU, AG
    • Courbet Mine (MRDS #10222313) AU
    • Rattlesnake and Courbet Mines. Gold Mountain Mining District, Esmeralda County - F. Chronic & M Williams,

    Additional Nearby Attractions

    While you're enjoying your secluded patents you might also be pleased to experience some of the other nearby attractions and explore the areas rich history.

    The Hard Luck Castle

    Just about a mile from the Courbet is a desert treasure, known as the Hard Luck Castle!  A unique tourist attraction that took over a decade to build is now available for rent for just a meer $1,200 a night.  With over 20 rooms, a wine cellar, a hundred year old organ, indoor fountain, spiral staircase and intricate design work, this unforgettable castle a stones throw from your new patents.

    Area 51 & Stargazing

    The Courbet patents are situated at the top of the valley, providing breathtaking views of the night-sky unpolluted by city lights.  You've never seen so many stars or seen the heavens so clearly till you've spent a night out.

    Have you ever seen the Milky Way, along with thousands of stars?  From your patents you can just by looking up at our incredibly dark night skies – no equipment required, just your eyes! The stars are gorgeous every clear night, but moonless nights are always the best for stargazing.  Prepare to have our fantastic night skies take your breath away.

    Just across the valley is the beginning of the Nevada Test and Training Range.  Some call it it Area 51, Area 52, Groom Lake etc.  The locals can tell you about seeing strange lights in the sky at night, and UFO sighting happen almost on a daily basis.  There's quite a bit of controversy over what these mysterious lights in the sky are.  The locals will tell you they are just holograms, while others suggest they are something more.... much more.

    How To Purchase & Start Mining Gold

    The Courbet Patented Mining Claims allow for building permanent structures like cabins, homes, mill-sites and more.  Situated in Esmeralda County, NV -- there are no building codes and you can use this land to build practically anything you want.   This is patented land and is a tangible asset and show proof of all interests in minerals in the area. These patented claims can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate. A mining claim can be sold, traded, leased, gifted, willed, used as collateral or transferred in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance.

    When you buy this mine all paperwork and filings will be done on your behalf.  You will be responsible for paying property taxes after the sale is finalized.  Yearly property taxes are about $220 a year, and are paid up and current.

      "The Courbet Patented Mining Claims"

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