Bentley Prospects

The Bentley Prospects is an old past producing gold mine located in Douglas County, Nevada. The site had two shafts, named Payday 1 and 2, which sank into the ground some 170ft and 190ft respectively. While the production wasn't significant, it's a prospect that not only pulled gold out of the ground, but hints towards other pay dirt hidden in the ground nearby...

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Excellent mineralization can be seen on some of specimens in the photos below. Plenty of smoky quartz in a sedimentary host rock. The veins were reportedly straight down, making following the vein and shaft construction easy on the miners. It's unknown if they reached the end of the veins, but plenty of evidence scattered around the site indicates that they found quite a bit of what they were looking for.

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Not close enough for you? Find more old gold mines near me!

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